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The Hive is a youth-centered community that holistically supports a young person's transition into adulthood

our vision

a more just future

We believe that tangible investments in the diverse needs of young people can reverse the intergenerational trauma caused by systemic racism and solve our community's most pressing issues.

We will ultimately develop a campus to serve the holistic needs of young people transitioning into adulthood.

Our Core Focus Areas

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Supplying safe, healthy living spaces for our young people to grow into successful adults.

We currently work with a handful of referral partners and help Young Innovators navigate the process of securing housing. Ultimately, we will provide a three-year housing program on The Hive campus.

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Fixing the relationships in our communities one step, one person, one conversation at a time.

We implement restorative practices throughout our organization in order to address harm, accountability, and create a culture of healing. We're currently working Dr. Ram Bhagat and Restorative Richmond to continue developing this work.

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Feeding the artist in everyone by empowering new ideas and artistic expression.

We currently infuse creative practices into our life skills workshops and summer programs. Our long-term vision is to have an arts and culture center that lives on The Hive campus.


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Setting up the next generation with skills and confidence to enter the workforce and build businesses of their own.

All current Young Innovators receive access to financial literacy, job readiness, and entrepreneurial skills workshops. We envision robust workforce development and entrepreneurial programs on The Hive campus.

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Increasing access to knowledge and information that expands minds, worlds, and opportunities.

Monthly life skills workshops are our main educational programs, along with supporting any Young Innovator's educational goals. We envision an alternative school on the future Hive campus that would include high school diploma, G.E.D., and vocational opportunities.


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Prioritizing help, health, and support in order to grow beyond surviving to thriving.

The health of our mind and body are a top priority from which everything else can blossom. Young Innovators attend a variety of health and wellness workshops and are given referrals to vetted resources. The Hive campus may include a health and wellness clinic in the future.

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Good Living

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our programs


We're taking a measured approach to building our programs, services, and partners. This is a
marathon, not a sprint!

Current Programs
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our values


This work is just as much about shifting cultures as it is providing high-quality, community-based direct services. We're guiding by seven main values.

Our Staff & Board

We are a Black-led, intergenerational, and multi-racial community that believes in a world where all young people feel like they belong and have the resources they need to become independent, healthy, and thriving adults.

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