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We believe in a world where care, support, and healing, replace criminalization, incarceration, and violence.

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A series of white hexagons across the screen. Six of them have text inside that read: Entrepreneurship, Housing, Education, Health & Wellness, Restorative Practice.

The Hive is a thriving community, ultimately helping young people successfully transition into adulthood, with an intersectional approach to building systems of care and support across six areas. 

Young people ages 15-25 who need supportive, transitional housing will live at The Hive.
Health & Wellness
Healing the mind and body will be prioritized at The Hive through community-based, clinical practice. 
Alternative education, G.E.D. prep, and vocational training will sustain a young person's educational path. 
Arts & Culture
Creative expression, artistic practice, and cultural vibrancy will be embedded throughout. 
Emerging entrepreneurs will build their business skills toward financial sustainability. 
Restorative practice
We will learn how to repair harm within ourselves and each other without replicating further harm. 


Gina Lyles
Executive Director
Trey Hartt
Managing Director
Becca Richardson
Finance Director
Anais Wyche
Senior Culture Worker
Executive Director Gina Lyles stands in front of Richmond City Hall with a megaphone in her hand and colorful banner from Performing Statistics.
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Questionnaires printed on natural brown paper line a wall with a banner that has a young man's face and text, "Do you deserve to hear my story? Sid, 16"
Now recruiting young people ages 15-21 for our Youth Ambassador Squad program. Paid opportunity.
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A black and white photo with an arm displaying the universal "ok" symbol with text that reads, "Give us opportunities before you give us a cell"
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